Complete guide on how to get started in HappyLand

Instructions on How to Start Playing on HappyLand Farming Metaverse

As of 31st January 2022, HappyLand Mainnet is officially available for everyone to start building your perfect farm on the metaverse! To start your journey as a HappyLand farmer, you’ll need to stock up on funds including $HPL and $HPW tokens to buy materials and cultivate your farm, as well as purchase your first plot of land. Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide on how to start playing and earning with the HappyLand world.

Step 1: Set up your wallet/ Add BSC mainnet

Set up Binance Smart Chain mainnet

Please make sure to have at least 0.001 BNB in your wallet.

Step 2: Import HPL and HPW tokens to your wallet

To grow your farm and buy farming materials such as seeds and cattle, you’ll need to obtain the governance staking token $HPL and the in-game utility token $HPW. More information about the tokens is here. Let’s begin by importing the token addresses to your wallet to start buying.

HPL: 0x0d0621ad4ec89da1cf0f371d6205229f04bcb378

HPW: 0xcC9D97a9F3cb30f4e788BB9B46A8c1226c45315C

Paste token contract here

Step 3: Buy HPL and HPW on Pancakeswap

On the HappyLand home page, click on the contract.

You can buy $HPL and $HPW with any cryptocurrency, but BUSD will offer the best slippage fee. Enter the BUSD amount to swap to $HPL then click “Connect Wallet”.

Connect your BSC wallet to make the swap.

To buy $HPW, search for its token smart contract 0xcC9D97a9F3cb30f4e788BB9B46A8c1226c45315C in the “swap to” currency then click on it.

Enter the BUSD amount to swap to $HPW then click “Swap”.

A window with the full swap transaction details will appear. Check if the details are correct and click “Confirm Swap” to complete the swap.

Step 4: Buy Land

Owning a plot of land is a fundamental step to start your journey as a farmer. On HappyLand, there are 5 different types of land each offering different “productivity” levels and ROIs. information about the different land types can be found here.

Currently, you can buy land on HappyLand market at

On the HappyLand Marketp, browse and click on the land you’d like to buy.

Click “Approve BUSD" and follow the nstructions in your wallet to buy.

Step 4: Visit our website at: and register

Hit the “Connect Wallet” button and click on your wallet (example: Metamask).

Select your wallet to continue (make sure you choose the right wallet which registered in the form)

You will see a Dashboard where you can create your account. Please be well noted that you need to set your information here with some little rules.

  • Username: The username needs to be between 6–20 characters without special characters, spaces, and uppercase letters.

  • Password: The password field must be at least 6 characters (can be all lowercase letters)

Hit Register.

Step 5: Approve and synchronize land at

From the top menu bar, select “Play” and click on “LANDS” then hit the “Approve Lands” button.

You will get a pop-up from Metamask about the Approve fee.

Then click on the “Synchronize” button next.

Select lands to play > Synchronize land.

Step 6: Approve and Synchronize HPL, HPW at

You need to synchronise to move a token from your wallet to your in-game account. You need HPW, HPL to buy in-game items in HappyLand.

Select “Wallet” and hit Approve HPL and Approve HPW


Load your HPL and HPW to your game

Step 7: Visit login and enjoy HappyLand.

We hope you find this guide useful to start playing and earning on the HappyLand farming metaverse! Let’s get farming:

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