Stealing Produce

Similar to helping out, you can only steal when visiting the farm of a friend. The game system defines” stealing” as when you perform the act of harvesting on a tile that contains produce that is ready for harvest.

For Friends: You can directly visit your friend’s land plot if they only have 1 land. If your friend has 2 lands and above, you can select the land plot you’d like to visit. There is no limit on the number of times you can visit a friend or access a land plot.

For Randomized Visits

Players can also visit a random land plot of a HappyLand player. You’ll need to pay a fixed fee to directly visit a random land plot of another player (randomized by the game system). Your identity will be anonymized while visiting the random player’s land - they will not know your name or balance. The system will match you with a random player with the same or lower level than you. If you do not wish to steal on the land plot you’ve been assigned to, you can pay another to get matched with another random player’s land plot.

Note: You cannot steal any produce that is level 10 and above. You steal over 20% of the total produce of any player. You cannot steal over 5 times on the same tile.

  • The game system will indicate the random lands that are currently not occupied by any “stealers” or lands whose owners aren’t currently online.

  • You can only steal produce that will be distributed into your warehouse.

  • You can’t steal more than 20 times per day

  • There is no limit on how many times you get stolen from per day

  • You can’t steal from animals that don’t yield produce

Note: All information is for reference only. We will continuously update the data until main net is released

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