Land are NFTs in HappyLand, just like real life properties different location, which determines the price of land. There are five land types in HappyLand; Highland, Valley, Woodland, Meadow and Euphoria.

If you need a more economical option, keep an eye on the lands in the Valley. This place is a mysterious place, where there is exploitation potential and conditions are suitable for anyone’s journey to become a landlord. However, the hills can be a barrier to achieving good crops.

A minority of discerning people will choose to settle in the Woodland area because they believe that this luxuriant jungle place is a God-given opportunity for their dream of having the golden touch. Tall tree shadows will favorably bless any farming and cultivating ideas. This area will have a higher value because it is located quite close to the land of Euphoria.

Fertile. Abundant. Hallowed. That’s what you can find in Meadow. There is nothing more wonderful than the life of a vagabond, milling around the vast grasslands of the magnificent steppe. This place is heaven on earth, with treasures buried deep in each crop. And an important thing to note is that you need to have a strong financial solid to afford the land in this area.

Only heaven-sent individuals own a piece of the precious land of Euphoria. This place is worth its weight in gold, providing any guest with an infinite, bounteous resource. The actual landlords would never let go of Euphoria. Every piece of land in Euphoria is like a shining diamond; no one can deny the investment value and outstanding profitability of this land. Owning land in Euphoria is a pride for anyone, but only genius minds can exploit the total value.

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