Workers Feature

Our farms keep on expanding, and with it, many new activities arise. If players have little time to care for their farms they can hire external workers to help care for their farms. We are introducing the worker feature in HappyLand, workers reduce time and effort spent on your farm.

Types of workers

There are two types of workers breeders and planters:

Breeders: responsible for taking care of animals on the farm

Planters: responsible for taking care of plants such as watering, catch worm or chase away crows The level of care for your plants/cattle depends on the level of workers. More details as below:


Players do not have to pay when renting workers. To rent a worker, players just need to have a ticket. Tickets can be earned via playing a mini-game in HappyLand, or through gift code which is determined by the organizers.

Number of workers

The number of workers in HappyLand is limited, and players are only allowed to rent if there is a free worker in the store. Players are only allowed to rent if they have tickets. Players can rent workers by day, for example 1 day or 3 days, the maximum time that players can rent a worker per time is 7 days, after renting time is expired, the worker is returned to the store automatically. If there is no worker in the store, players have to wait until the worker is returned to the store.

Profit Sharing

When using workers on their farm, players have to share a part of their harvest to the worker. The profit is both in HPW and HPL, and is immediately deducted from their reward pouch. In case there is not enough token in their reward account, the system will still deduct the profit.

For example, a batch of tomatoes requires players to care for them 7 times, if they hire a worker like Kelvin, players only have to care for them 2 times. You also have to give 5% of your profit to Kelvin. This is calculated immediately when players harvest their tomatoes. The table below depicts the profit you have to split with workers.

Cost of hiring a worker

When using workers, players still have to pay for each time they plant/pick insects or feed animals. In case when planting seeds, if a player's account does not have enough balance (HPW/HPL), workers will not care for plants, then players have to take over the tending of the plants. Players have to recharge their accounts to have the worker tending for the plants.

Information about the types of workers

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