During a specific timeframe set by the game system, there will be an event where birds fly above the sky of players’ farms. The game will announce to players in advance when these birds will appear. During this time, players can play the bird hunting minigame when clicking on the scarecrow on the farm.

Upon starting the minigame, players will have 60 seconds to shoot down birds flying across the screen using a rubber sling. The number of “ammo” rocks you can use to shoot is the exact same as the number of birds flying around. If you already used up all the rocks but haven’t managed to shoot down all the birds, you can pay to get more ammo. The number of birds will be set by the game system at the start of the event. If you manage to shoot down all the birds in 60 seconds, you will be able to preserve all your products on the farm. If you don't, however, the remaining birds will cause damage to your farm at the rate of 1 produce/plot for each bird until the event ends.

While bird hunting, there will be some birds carrying reward pouches. The number of birds with this pouch as well as the possible rewards inside these pouches are set by the game system at the beginning of the event. If you shoot down any bird carrying a reward pouch, you will receive one of the set rewards. Once you shoot down all the birds, this list of set rewards will be dismissed.

Note: If you’re not growing anything on your farm at the time of playing the bird hunting minigame, you will not lose any product if you left any bird alive.

Pig Racing Event


To start the “Happy Pig Racing” minigame, you need to own a minimum quantity of 10 for one type of produce. Here is how to play:

Step 1

There are 6 pigs in the race. You can pledge your choice on a pig in one of the following 3 methods:

  • Win: Predict the pig will win first place

  • Place: Predict the pig will win either first or second place

  • Show: Predict the pig will win either first, second, or third place

Based on your method, the reward you earn will be calculated using this formula:

(Amount of produce pledged * player winning rate for method) - 5% transaction fee (burned weekly)

Step 2

After you choose the product type, the system will set the default amount used to play the game as 10 product at a time. You can increase this amount using the unit chips.

Step 3

After you have checked that all pledge details are correct, proceed to input your choice by clicking “Confirm”. After confirmation, you cannot revoke your choice.

For example, you predict that the pig “Zeus” will win the race in the first place, so you pledge a “Win” for Zeus for 2,000 tomatoes. If Zeus ends up taking first place in the race, your reward will be:

(2,000 tomatoes * 3.7) * 0.95 = 7,030 tomatoes. 5% of the reward is used to pay for the transaction fee so you receive 95% of the reward.


  • You can only make your choice before the confirmation time of the race ends. Once it is over, you cannot increase the amount pledged in your choice.

  • If you fail to click “Confirm” before the confirmation time of the race ends, your choice will not be recorded for the race.

  • The deadline to claim the “Happy Pig Racing” reward is at 00:00:00 UTC every day. The reward will be permanently unavailable if you try to claim it after this deadline.

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