Land expansion

1. Feature Overview

The new land type, Wild West, can only be created from the land expansion feature using two lands. Land types of higher rarity will give a higher chance of success in land expansion as detailed below:

  • Expansion Success Percentage (%)

- Highland: 25

- Valley: 30

- Woodland: 35

- Meadow 40

- Euphoria: 45

Please note that this operation will NOT result in any loss of land. You’re essentially conducting a little soil “bioengineering” experiment using the lands you have. Should you fail the operation, your land and everything that’s in it is still kept intact. The value of your land DOES NOT change, the land plots inside your land are kept the same as the pre-expansion stage.

However, there is a limit to how many times, i.e. 2 times, you can perform the Land Expansion operation for each land. This feature allows landowners to not only expand to create new lands while still not devaluing the high-yield lands.

To perform land expansion in HappyLand, you will need to pay a small fee with both HPL and HPW (called Land expansion fees similar to breeding fees in Axie). After performing Land Expansion, there is a possibility of getting the Wild West land type, which can be sold on the marketplace.

2. Wild West Land Type Overview

WildWest is an arid area amidst the desert where water, whether from natural bodies of water or rain, is extremely scarce. During the daytime, temperatures can go as high as 38°C(over 100°F) while at night, it can drop all the way down to -4°C (about 25°F). Due to this harsh, wildly swinging climate, it is quite difficult to grow crops and raise cattle here, resulting in lower yield and ROI than even the lowest rarity Highland type. However, Wild West is far from being completely uninhabitable. This land type simply requires a lot of skill and patience to cultivate. Please note that the Wildest land does not have expansion features, therefore two Wildwst lands cannot make another one.

Even though Wild West is a lower-yielding land type than others, it is still an extra plot of land that can contribute to your overall profit earnings. It will be your ultimate test as a farmer to attempt to cultivate good harvests here. And if anything, you can simply sell or rent the land NFT to others who are up for the challenge and earn from that instead!

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