HappyGuild Campaign

What is the Happy Guild Program?

Happy Guild is a program on HappyLand for Guilds, connecting players with high capital with high-skilled players for the mutual benefit of everyone. Specifically, Guild Masters can sponsor game rewards for Scholars who excel at playing the game and want to earn from their skill. The Happy Farm program allows for Guild building in the HappyLand game, enabling every type of farmer to earn handsomely through collaboration.

Using our comprehensive Guild Management system, you can create a Guild Master account and set up your own Guild on HappyLand with slots for Scholars as well as a fully customizable and transparent commission system for everyone.

Benefits for Early Birds

Users who join early to help cultivate a thriving community of Guilds on HappyLand can enjoy the following perks:

  • Get featured on the Happy Guild Gitbook: Get better exposure and traffic to attract more potential Scholars around the world to your Guild

  • Early access to future Guild Management system upgrades and features

  • Purchase Happy Boxes at a great price

  • Get budget to host campaigns for your Guild

  • Support for Scholars on HappyLand’s Discord serve

Requirements to Become a HappyLand Guild Master

  • You have some capital to make investments but little time/skill to play and want to connect with other skilled players for mutual benefit

  • You already own a gaming guild full of passionate Scholars and want to set up a base on your favorite farm2earn game, HappyLand

  • You’re looking for Guild investment in a popular, highly rewarding play-to-earn game

Please note that you need to have a minimum of 25 lands to create a Master account.

What are Guilds?

Guilds are mutually beneficial decentralized associations formed by individual blockchain gamers all around the world. It is a support network connecting regular players, called Scholars, with “leaders” who are sponsoring game rewards for players, called Masters. Together, Guild members collaborate and earn through a commission system.

Currently, HappyLand is partnering with many popular play-to-earn gaming guilds on the market: Play It Forward DAO, Polkastarter Gamings, GoodGamesGuild, Salad Ventures, and Real Deal Guild, all of whom total up to over 120,000 blockchain gamers worldwide. By creating and joining Guilds on HappyLand today, you can connect with expert play-to-earn gamers across the globe and start earning together!

Let’s all work together to build and earn from our dream metaverse farms: https://forms.gle/7XpBv8GKqjzhXEiKA

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