Play to Earn

In HappyLand, you can Play to Earn in many ways. Just like a real farmer you plant your seed and raise your cattle. In order to start your P2E process, you first need to own land In Happyland. There are 5 types of land in Happyland: Highland, Valley, Woodland, Meadow, and Euphoria. For details on the pros and cons of each type of land please consult the following sections. After you bought your land you are eligible to start farming!

In HappyLand you need to have an initial investment of certain HPL to buy a land plot, and also to exchange it to HPW. HPW is used to buy all in-game items such as seeds and livestock. To make a profit in HappyLand, players just need to buy seeds from the market, plant it in their plot and when it is fully grown sell it for profit. For example, players can buy 1 wheat seed to plant on 1 plot of land for 70 HPW, it produces 40 wheat plants, each plant sells for 3 HPW. You sell it at the market and earn 120 HPW this means that you made 70 HPW on your initial investment.

There are many factors that can affect the productivity of your plants. For instance how often you water your plants, whether you’ve put in fertilizer, whether you’ve removed the pest. Many factors are in play when planting crops in HappyLand, Tazogames studio aims to model HappyLand as close to real farming as possible.

This means that HappyLand is not only a game that players spend time planting and harvesting. Players need to find the best strategy to improve their yield capacity, players need to plan meticulously, and be mindful of their plants/livestock.

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