All information is for reference only. We will continuously update the data until the mainnet is released

Here are the types of weather you can experience. different weather will have different effects

Note: Growth time and times to tend for the crop is calculated based on the current season and weather. If you harvest during the middle of transitioning from one season to another, the final produce amount will be calculated based on the season where the harvest took place.

Example 1: You grew watermelon (drought-resistant crop) during drizzle weather and harvested it when the weather changed to drought. You will receive an increased produce yield.

Example 2: You grew sunflowers during 3 hours of drizzle and 1 hour of nice weather. The number of times you need to catch a worm is based on the requirement of drizzle weather (increased number of times).

Weather Forecast

There will be an in-game system providing weather forecasts for 2 days at a time (today and tomorrow) with ~80% accuracy.


There will be 4 seasons in the game: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Each season will last for 168 hours (~7 days). Here are the types of weather that can appear in each season:


  • You will receive a yield reduction of 5 - 10 produce/plot when planting a crop outside of its prime season.

  • You will receive a 20% chance to gain from 1 - 3 additional produce when planting a crop in its prime season.

The effects of weather on different plants

Note: when empty it means plans develop normally

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