List of HappyLand Guilds


Guilds are decentralized organizations formed by players around the world. Guilds serve as the medium for both sponsors and scholars to have a support connection. For example, there are players with capital that may not be good at playing the game and on the other hand, there are players that are good at playing the game but with limited resources. Guilds form a special scholarship program where scholars play the game in which the game initial assets are sponsored by sponsors and the rewards are split between the parties. Thus forming a special ecosystem where all parties can participate and share the economies of rewards

List of Guilds

Polkastarter Gaming Guild Region: Global Discord: About: Polkastarter Gaming Guild is the web3 fundraising platform's first step at reimagining the future of blockchain gaming by lowering the barrier to enter the play-to-earn space for gamers through scholarships & creating a gaming hub housing the top blockchain games with a community of over 80,000+ players.

Good Games Guild (GGG) Region: Indonesia, Philippines Discord: About: Good Games Guild is a Gaming Hub that aims to create the largest virtual world economy by optimizing its owned assets to get maximum yield. GGG also sponsoring play-to-earn gamers, investing in play-to-earn games along with their in-game assets.

Region: Philip

Discord: About: Play It Forward is a DAO making P2E more accessible - building a Plug-and-Play ecosystem across SaaS platforms and large guild.

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